(AO-51) 14K Yellow Gold Oval Our Lady of Guadalupe Oval Earrings

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(AO-51)Oval 14K yellow gold earrings with Our Lady of Guadalupe with rainbow topaz and colored zircons.

These 14K yellow gold oval earrings feature a design depicting Our Lady of Guadalupe, adorned with colorful zircon topazes. The earrings combine religious symbolism with colorful gemstones, creating a striking and meaningful piece of jewelry. The use of yellow gold enhances the elegance and richness of the design, while the rainbow topaz adds a vibrant pop of color, symbolizing diversity and beauty. This combination makes the earrings not only a beautiful accessory, but also a meaningful representation of faith and spirituality, appealing to those who appreciate both religious art and elegant ornaments.

Length: 23MM
Width: 8mm